Thinking of adopting?

        When considering a parrot as a pet it is important to keep in mind that they are not domesticated such as our dogs and cats.  Through centuries of carefully selected and controlled breeding cats and dogs have become domesticated, making them completely different than their wild ancestors, and somewhat predictable.  Parrots on the other hand, even those that have been bred in captivity are still wild animals, no different that those that live in jungles, therefore very unpredictable.  They can be loud, obnoxious, moody and destructive.  They require strict routine, constant cleaning and a lifelong commitment.  To sum it up they are just as big a committment and responsibility as having a child.  Many parrots will out live their owners and need to be provided for in your wills.  
    These things should all be considered before purchasing a parrot.  That being said, they can be affectionate, loyal and are extremely intelligent and quite comical.  They can be taught tricks, and enjoy a laugh as much as you do.  I can’t imagine life without our parrot.
    A common myth that I must dispel now is that the budgie is the perfect starter bird.  Though I personally adore the budgie this is not true.  There is no perfect starter bird, the budgie requires the same care and attention of any other bird.  The best way to chose a bird is to research the different species and find one that matches your lifestyle best.  Over the coming weeks I will be adding species profiles to the pages of this website.  I hope to help people understand these magnificent creatures a little better, then maybe one day our rescue will be obsolete!