This page is for all of our lost and found Fids!  If you have lost or found a bird please email me and I will help in any way I can!

GORGEOUS Has been found and is home safe!

GORGEOUS is a yellow cockateil with a bald patch on her head and red cheeks. She went missing in St. Thomas around the Comfort inn around 12.00am on october 20th. If found please call (519) 633-2327.   *Reward if Found*

8 African Greys Stolen!

Hello Fellow Bird Lovers I am reaching out to you today with the greatest hope you will download the Parrot Theft flyer to distribute on your travels. Local pet stores, veterinarian offices and any other location that may help with the recovery of my greys. On October 24th, 2008 I was with my father as he passed away in my home. Shortly after I received notification that 8 of my African Grey parrots were stolen. I have been beside myself with grief. After my fathers long and painful battle with cancer, I wished to retreat to the solace I so readily find with my birds. Now, another part of my heart is missing. As many already know, these birds are my heart, my soul and often times my sole refuge. It is disturbing to observe the torment the few remaining greys have indicated since this atrocious act. In the dark of the night 8 greys were torn from their flock, some from their selected partners of years, others from their clutch mates. Two brothers remained together 19 years, only to be torn apart in such a frightful way. They were not in breeding cages or a breeding situation. They were free flighted and flocked together for many years simply for sheer enjoyment and for the purpose of documenting flock behaviors. I ask that you help my parrots return home by continuing to download the flyer from Kindly continue to distribute it on your travels. If you have a website of personal web space, please post a notice & link to the flyer on it as well. If you have any information, please contact Barbara C. at 860.621.5790 or leave a message for Barbara Pagano at 860.886.BIRD (2473). You may also email Do you wish to remain anonymous? Fill in the comment section on the contact us form located at www.allaboutparrotscom/contactus.htm A generous reward is being offered for information resulting in the return of any or all of these birds. The few remaining parrots ftom my aviary have since been relocated to another location for their safety. I believe my African Greys could be just about anywhere. Out of state is also a great possibility. The State Police is actively pursuing these criminals as well. You can help. Distributing flyers and making the public aware may reunite these missing African Greys with their flock. In the meanwhile, please continue to pray for the safety of my stolen birds. Pray they are being treated well. I know my father is finally reunited with both my brothers in heaven. That gives me great peace. Not knowing the whereabouts of these precious birds will continue to haunt me until we are reunited. Please, help them come home. Barbara