I purchased Rocky and his sister Stella, they were about a year or so old.  Rocky was affectionate but as is the case with alot of pairs he was more interested in Stella than his humans.  He is learning to whistle and will sit on your shoulder and preen your hair.


Stella has always been very skittish, but she will now step up and seems to favour our eight year old son Isaiah.  Stella is a Cinnamin Pearl.  She has recently taken to Angeleaha's hair.

Mr. Maggie

Mr. Maggie was first thought to be a white face pearl female but after coming to us it was confirmed that he is a white face heavy pearl male.  He came to us from a very loving home where he had spent his first six years.  They gave him to us because he was nippy and having just had a child he was spending alot of time in the cage.  We have slowly been gaining ground with his nipping(old habits die hard) and are finding him to be a joyful addition to our flock.  I have nick named him Velcro as he has claimed me for his.


ButterBall was brought to us because he just wasn't what his family had hoped for.  The yougest of our bunch and the largest tiel he is a personality!  He loves to whistle and I suspect that he will be talking soon too.  He will only cuddle once in a while but is a very charming bird.


Snowy came to us nearly bald, he had been plucked badly by his cage mate.  A lovable  "velcro bird" with minor issues.  He is starting to grow back some feathers and we hope that he will be available for adoption soon.

UPDATE:  Snowy has found his forever home!  He finally growing in more head feathers too!  See below picture!

Sweet Willard

Willard was found outside 9 years ago by a family that took her in and cared for her.  She was brought to us because they had to move and were unable to take her with them.  She will finish out her days with us.  Her age is showing and we have had to lower her perches and dishes.  She prefers to sit in the window and watch the wild birds all day.  She will chirp quietly and tolerates being handled for nail clippings and the occasional petting from my husband.
May 9, 2008
Dear sweet Willard has passed away peacefully in her sleep.  She will be greatly missed, her memories cherished.  It was a pleasure to know her and I am glad that we were able to make her time comfortable and happy.
Fly high, fly free little Willard!


Harley is an owner surrender.  Due to his fear, aggression and difficult handling we have placed Harley in permanent foster with one of our experienced homes.  His mannerisms go beyond normal wild tiel behavior thus we thought it best to give him permanent sanctuary.