How You Can Help

I am not a registered rescue therefore I do not receive donations. The care of these birds comes directly from me:) I do this for the love of the birds. As a result I will not accept monetary donations. However if you have any toys or supplies that you would like to donate and can drop them off the birds will thank you! We are always in need of cages, especially larger ones!  

We also accept rolls of galvanized steel cloth, to make custom cages with!

Donations of Royal Cuisine Parrot Mix and Zupreem Avian Maintenance Fruit Blend Pellets as well as millet and cuttle bone are always needed!

Gravel, river rock, large planter pots, drift wood and large branches can be used to make bird trees, please check that the wood is safe for birds first though.  When in doubt just ask me:)  Plastic storage bins are always used as is black and white newspaper,scrub brushes and untreated wood.